Uses of star ceiling and where to get that?

Most children with Autism also suffer from sleeplessness. They could take hours to fall asleep and may wake up numerous times throughout the night getting more unsettled each moment. Giving an autistic Child something to concentrate on helps them to relax and become more relaxed. Because they are usually quite interested in and captivated by bright lights and changing colors a Cosmic star ceiling can be a real advantage to a child with disabilities. Careers involved in the Treatment, welfare and education of children with disabilities take advantage of a White Room. A White Room uses sound and light and is accompanied by white walls and furniture to create an environment which could help relax, calm and excite individuals.

Star Ceiling

¬†Imagine the White Room as a blank canvas where a vibrant palette of lighting are projected to provide a stunning world of color and vision and a cozy area of white soft floor pads to lie or sit with relaxing music gently playing in the background. These combine to provide a strong sensory and relaxing experience. This same type of Environment can be made at home by using a Cosmic Star Ceiling hand-painted on the ceiling in a kid’s bedroom. As a Cosmic Star Ceiling is usually created on a white background it is following these very same principles of a White Room. The wide variety of multi-colored effects such as stars, the Milky Way, comets, planets, constellations, shooting stars on a Cosmic Star Ceiling provides relaxation and stimulation particularly when triggered by UV lighting for a brief period. It may be accompanied by relaxing music and light to create a wonderfully calming atmosphere.

The specialized paints Used to make a Cosmic Star Ceiling will stay visible for up to 12 hours and therefore no matter how often the child may awake in the night the consequences will still be present to offer a focal point. The paints are also environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-radioactive, low-odour and low in VOC’s volatile organic chemicals and generally do not offer any distress to even the most sensitive kid. The array of paints in a variety of colors means that some absolutely magnificent cosmic effects could be created. It is as a result of these elements that more parents and careers of children with disabilities have become aware of the advantages of star ceiling either at the house or in Day Care Centres and Specialized Schools.